I am a creative professional that is passionate about delivering quality graphic design to the masses. I enjoy typography, color theory, white space, and finding the happy medium between print and digital design.


For as long as I can remember I have always had art in my life.  At a young age my art teacher in elementary school inspired me to always keep utilizing the gifts that I had. Ms. Long saw something in me and started that passion growing inside me to be an artist. Fast forward to college and realizing I no longer wanted to be an art teacher so i shifted gears a bit and naturally gravitated towards graphic design.


The creative process is made up of multiple steps. One of the most important steps that is never overlooked is brainstorming. Brainstorming is key to the development of an idea. This is imperative to the design process. Brainstorming can be anything from thumbnail drawings, storyboarding, flow charts, and even word association. It is one of those processes, or all of them, working together to come up with the final product, which is always up for re-design at the last minute!


I have passion and drive to create quality designs. Graphic design is more than just a letterhead or business card, it is how people interpret your business. It is their emotions they feel when they see your logo. Graphic design has so much to do with the consumers we all serve, my hope is that I can be of service to make that consumer experience a more positive one.